Summertime meal ideas for the whole family

Of course kids love summertime! School’s out, the weather’s beautiful and the pool is open for business. But summer also means you have to plan kid-friendly meals that will satisfy the whole bunch. Follow our advice for three easy summertime meal ideas the whole family will love!

Visit a farmer’s market and make a fresh, locally-sourced meal

Kids loving feeling like they’re a part of the process, and what better way to teach positive shopping habits than visiting and supporting a farmer’s market close to home? Take the kids and let them help you pick out fresh, locally-grown ingredients.

Two great local markets to check out are The Medina Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning and The Strongsville Farmer’s Market, which runs every Thursday. These shopping trips not only teach children the value of local food and community building, but also allow you time to choose the perfect ingredients for a colorful summer salad.

Click here and choose your favorite farmer’s market recipe (our pick would be the summer squash casserole!).

Get Everyone Involved in the Kitchen

A great way to make your kids love dinner time is to get them to help with the meal itself. They can help wash the veggies, set the table, stir ingredients, grate cheese, form patties and just get plain old messy and have fun!

These Sandwich Skewers from My Fussy Eater are a perfect way for kids to help and encourage them to eat more veggies.

Order a Pizza from Mama Julianne’s

This is the easiest option of all! Let us do all the work and you’ll be the hero of the day when you walk in with a hot, fresh pizza and delicious salad! With dozens of different menu choices, even the choosiest of eaters will love a Mama J’s pizza.